Part III – Meanwhile in Mexico

Having spent a serious amount of time discussing online with users of MMS, I think it’s time to see what I can learn from this whole episode. Firstly something about discussions: arguments based on personal experience is just not helping anyone. In science personal experience is the lowest form of evidence because it is irreproducible and highly subjective. Also you naturally think you experience is somehow more right or more important than everyone else does.

I had to discover that we had differences about what a discussion should be about in the first place, by which I mean, all they ever say is, „But it works!“That really is an argument you will not be able to say anything against, without making enemies. Of course you might say „placebo“ or „maybe it doesn’t work as good as you think“, but you will receive a justifiably angry Imnotstupid as answer. I objectively cannot know, if it actually works for them. There are like two sites, one of which is screaming YES and the other one NO. Even having an opinion about who might be right I’m just not going to judge. That is not the point anyway.

Funny enough nobody was actually willing to talk about things you can really discuss about. During the discussion I was able to expose several fundamental mistakes (Or lies if you will. Again it’s hard but I try to avoid judging.) in Jim Humbles statements about how MMS works. That is really not too easy, since the peak of scientific accuracy in these is mentioning that the chemical formula of chlorine dioxide is ClO2. If anyone was interested for howsoever small reason, I would gladly deliver details. I even have sources, which is more than Mr. Humble can say of his works. Anyway, nobody really cared about this. I wonder what they thought. Most likely something like „Oh look, he just proved the whole theory wrong. Well, screw this dude, he’s biased anyway.“

Also it was not really possible to get statements about where, in their opinion, these mistakes come from and what they mean for Mr. Humbles credibility.

Secondly I learned something about at least some humans: They are willing to ignore everything that conflicts with their worldview, by marking it unimportant in case it cannot be declared wrong and focus on something else, that is well consistent with their view. That the unimportant thing, by logical means, leaves only crumbling ruins of the original view is easily ignored.

Thirdly esotericism is completely self-contained. Meaning however weird it gets, it is impossible to disprove theories without contradicting the central premises. By collecting several absurd theories that back up each-other, it is easy to build a logical circle that is impossible to get a foothold in. Whenever you do, somebody comes up with something else you’d have to disprove before you can continue. Examples and tests, that do not come to the same conclusion, are easily waved away as isolated case, botch or bias. At one point I got declared a hired writer for big pharma, which is something I am personally proud of. If you decide how trustworthy someone is, not by the quality of proof he/she delivers, but solely by how well compatible the statements are with your worldview, it becomes impossible to discuss. This way of thinking is the central feature of an ideology.

Fourthly: Meanwhile in Mexico

Jim Humble – now known as the self proclaimed archbishop James V. Humble – recently wrote a book called „Zero Fusion and Atomic Alchemy“ which is about how you can simultaneously produce gold and neutralize radioactive radiation. The ebook hundred bucks only but „BUY THIS BOOK AND STORE IT AWAY. MANKIND MIGHT NOT BE READY FOR THIS TECHNOLOGY“. I don’t think I need to comment.

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The whore that calles herself reality -TV


Asked about the reason for the success of Reality TV a program planner of a big German TV channel stated, „[The reason is] the relevance of the topic for the audience, believable authentic and able coaches together with a modern and high end technical realization.“ Turning on the TV for one minute is enough to see that this is 100% bullshit. Scripted stories, in which some dude got his sister/cousin/step daughter pregnant, are not relevant to anyone. Also „Believable“ and „high end“ are words that no one under no circumstances would ever connect to reality TV.

So what is the reason for this success? In my opinion reality TV is the modern form of a concept hundreds of years old. Hobbes said, „[…] All the pleasure and jollity of the mind consists in this; even to get some, with whom comparing, it may find somewhat wherein to Tryumph[…]“ Or with simple words: to feel good you need some one who fucks up. It is fascinating and scary how strictly some TV-stations align their program to with this principle.

In order to give everybody something to look down on, the level of these programs must be as low as it is. But this principle works on two levels. We consider ourselves to be superior to the people who actually are shown and to the people who take these programs seriously. I’m not saying that absolutely no one takes it seriously, but the vast majority of the audience is rather driven by this condescending voyeurism than by interest. Not the few people who think that this shit is real make it successful. It’s us. We are the problem. We are rotten to the core.


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Part II

Holy shit! Jim Humble is back. If he’s ever been away. I can’t believe this man still exist. With „exist“ I mean beeing active in what he does. Well if he uses his own medicine beeing alive is nearly a miracle. Miracle is keyword. If you don’t know him: this dude is famous for selling something called MMS(mineral miracle solution) which is basically chlorine bleach as medicine. And now he got even more creative and sells MMS2 which is the disinfectant used in very low concentrations to desinfect pool water. Note: what desinfects somethin basically kills everything.

I wrote about him once and I write about him again for on simple reason: this bloody seriously dangerous. The reason for this text is that he just had some sort of show here in Germany with over a thousand visitors. 

Also I find it seriously disturbing how people use double standarts when it comes to this topic. I totally understand and agree that there is need for independent research before new chamicals or drugs are sold. On the other hand, the exact same people who are even more sceptical about the drug industry than me, trust in MMS on the bases of the talks of one man and think it is a proof for something when he says that he healed some 70000 people with it.

Also these people are not only poisoning themselves but also their children and pets. Yes exactly. You understood. People giving chlorine bleach to their kids because they show signs of getting the sniffles. I really read comments from people doing this and, as you can tell I am quite upset about it. If there is only one person out there I or you can stop from using this it is worth a lot. So especially when comes to people who have alternitave believes and worldviews (which im totally cool with) warn them and tell them to warn there freinds about Jim Humble: This is the man who tricks people in poisoning their kids, because he can sell the poison expensively.

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An Anecdote to – The Rooms of the House by La Dispute












In the beginning it was hard to relate to the record for me. It’s different, somehow catchy but on the other hand not, so many lyrics – so different even when it comes to the art work…. however after some weeks I listened, and am still listening, constantly to it and really fell in love.
In my opinion an interpretation to a record is true, no matter if it really is the thing the writer intended to say. As long as the interpretation and the feelings are true to you, it becomes true for the song.

This is going to be my interpretation – my toughts – my little anecdote to Rooms of the House.

As the album clearly is about rooms in a house and the everyday smells, siBildtuations and events I quickly imagined rooms, spaces – somewhere you’re making decisions – when listening to some songs. The album conveys to me a very personl experience.

Last year I moved to a place near university, a lot of kilometers from home. I lived in a shared flat in a quiet big room, but my roommates were constantly away or just not relateable. Since I moved there by train I coudln’t take a lot with me – so the room was and stayed very empty. As I didn’t like my classes and didn’t have a lot of friends, I spend a lot of time in there, overthinking about anything. I refused to buy food or go out and …obviously it wasn’t a very good time for me.
Somehow, I think I started to fill the room with my loneliness, I soon coulnd’t sleep there anymore – horrible nightmares and daydreams were haunting me. I still remember fantasizing about adopting a cat, a dog or buying interior, just anything to feel warm and welcome.
I missed a furnished room, some nice lights, dust, a comfy chair, the smell of books, the sound of my records.

What I in general get from the sound of Rooms of the house is a mood and images of rooms furnished with smelling coffee, a kitchen, old books and pictures on the walls, some light gleaming through the window lighting the dust which sets on the couch. All the sourrounding everyday things which were missing. Every necessary memory to be able start, to create something new. Everything was blank, no smells, no talks, no soul– nothing.

Clearly I moved from that place. I coudn’t live like that again. The place you sleep, work, read, cook and live in, is something very important.

It does matter how you arrange the furniture, how it smells, who lived there, Bildwho is going to live there and where your books, pictures and records are.


The new La Dispute record clearly draws a lot of pictures and feelings inside of me – how do your’s look like ?



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Combining cool old stuff with bad old stuff. E.g. Bad Religion with this old ugly cabinet my mum wanted to throw away. Result:


Colors were about 20€. So much cheaper than buying a new cabinet. I think its okay. It wasn’t even that much work.


Now the only thing I need is the matching vinyl.

My moniker is man and I’m rotten to the core

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The Wave

„The Wave“ is how some bands labelled themselves, including:

La Dispute, Touché Amoré, Defeater, Make Do And Mend, Piano Becomes The Teeth.

Some call it a movement or some genre-overlap (somewhere around screaming, lyric post-hardcore), but most of the reasons you’ll find is that they are just friends.

I don’t want to introduce every single band to you but an advice: check them out. If you’re not used to hardcore or let’s say more emotional lyrical stuff, it could take some time. Even though I’m not „the usual hardcore listener“ it can be pretty releasing to get into something more emotional. I really miss this part on records of some bands „turning older“.

Moreover a lot of fascination comes from their „artsy“ style: The lyrics sometimes turn out to be nearly poems or a spoken, screamed story therefore the music is „just“ accompaniment underlining the message.

Like in a movie, or just if you look out the car window listening to some music.

See the world rushing by in pictures and melody.WildlifeOnTheRoad

Touché Amoré just released their new record called „Is Survived By“, which is highly recommended not only by their fans but also by print press.

But you should give some of the bands here a listen, find your favourite and get into this amazing stuff.

(La Dispute!!! – *fan-girling*)

It really could help you through some difficult times.


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You’re Not Being Brainwashed

Or „and I just bought ‚Manufacturing Consent‘ yesterday“

I don’t know when it was that I watched news last time. Has to be some time ago. I must admit that I’m suprised. I mean…whats wrong with people? This isnt even a commercial channel. The talkshow before the new was bad enough. Inviting one women who can hardly explain what she thinks and a guy who was all silent to defend the idea of organic food against three suits is a nice piece of art. I only watched the end but seriously…she wasn’t even able to respond adequateley to the statement that organic farming is 50% less effective and that this means she wants half of the world population to die. This is not only unobjective and wrong, it is also utterly stupid and very easy to demask as such. I could have done this better without any preparation. The end of this discussion was determined by the selection of participants. Its not a big deal if you invite three spokesmen and a rethoric zero.

Another prejudice a have to abandon. I always thought the channels under puplic law are objective and respectable.

The news after that shitty talkshow (that was propably watched by a crapton of people) killed me off. The channel I speak about has the reputation of beeing really serious and mostly boring. I don’t suppose the news guy to make jokes about (admittedly stupid) statements by someone. I don’t suppose him to use a whole lot of stylistic devices to state an opinion without speaking it out. When I watch news I want plain information. They add an opinion to everything this way. They lead the thoughts. Many people know enough to see through rhetoric. But everyone thinks what you learn in school about language is useless if one doesn’t happen to analyse poetry. School isn’t about how to think, it is about how others thought. Appearently the thoughts of editors are well thought and they don’t see a need to question them.

But at least I know now how it is possible that there still are people voting for conservative parties.

My moniker is man and I’m rotten to the core