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You’re Not Being Brainwashed

Or „and I just bought ‚Manufacturing Consent‘ yesterday“

I don’t know when it was that I watched news last time. Has to be some time ago. I must admit that I’m suprised. I mean…whats wrong with people? This isnt even a commercial channel. The talkshow before the new was bad enough. Inviting one women who can hardly explain what she thinks and a guy who was all silent to defend the idea of organic food against three suits is a nice piece of art. I only watched the end but seriously…she wasn’t even able to respond adequateley to the statement that organic farming is 50% less effective and that this means she wants half of the world population to die. This is not only unobjective and wrong, it is also utterly stupid and very easy to demask as such. I could have done this better without any preparation. The end of this discussion was determined by the selection of participants. Its not a big deal if you invite three spokesmen and a rethoric zero.

Another prejudice a have to abandon. I always thought the channels under puplic law are objective and respectable.

The news after that shitty talkshow (that was propably watched by a crapton of people) killed me off. The channel I speak about has the reputation of beeing really serious and mostly boring. I don’t suppose the news guy to make jokes about (admittedly stupid) statements by someone. I don’t suppose him to use a whole lot of stylistic devices to state an opinion without speaking it out. When I watch news I want plain information. They add an opinion to everything this way. They lead the thoughts. Many people know enough to see through rhetoric. But everyone thinks what you learn in school about language is useless if one doesn’t happen to analyse poetry. School isn’t about how to think, it is about how others thought. Appearently the thoughts of editors are well thought and they don’t see a need to question them.

But at least I know now how it is possible that there still are people voting for conservative parties.

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