The Wave

„The Wave“ is how some bands labelled themselves, including:

La Dispute, Touché Amoré, Defeater, Make Do And Mend, Piano Becomes The Teeth.

Some call it a movement or some genre-overlap (somewhere around screaming, lyric post-hardcore), but most of the reasons you’ll find is that they are just friends.

I don’t want to introduce every single band to you but an advice: check them out. If you’re not used to hardcore or let’s say more emotional lyrical stuff, it could take some time. Even though I’m not „the usual hardcore listener“ it can be pretty releasing to get into something more emotional. I really miss this part on records of some bands „turning older“.

Moreover a lot of fascination comes from their „artsy“ style: The lyrics sometimes turn out to be nearly poems or a spoken, screamed story therefore the music is „just“ accompaniment underlining the message.

Like in a movie, or just if you look out the car window listening to some music.

See the world rushing by in pictures and melody.WildlifeOnTheRoad

Touché Amoré just released their new record called „Is Survived By“, which is highly recommended not only by their fans but also by print press.

But you should give some of the bands here a listen, find your favourite and get into this amazing stuff.

(La Dispute!!! – *fan-girling*)

It really could help you through some difficult times.


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