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The whore that calles herself reality -TV


Asked about the reason for the success of Reality TV a program planner of a big German TV channel stated, „[The reason is] the relevance of the topic for the audience, believable authentic and able coaches together with a modern and high end technical realization.“ Turning on the TV for one minute is enough to see that this is 100% bullshit. Scripted stories, in which some dude got his sister/cousin/step daughter pregnant, are not relevant to anyone. Also „Believable“ and „high end“ are words that no one under no circumstances would ever connect to reality TV.

So what is the reason for this success? In my opinion reality TV is the modern form of a concept hundreds of years old. Hobbes said, „[…] All the pleasure and jollity of the mind consists in this; even to get some, with whom comparing, it may find somewhat wherein to Tryumph[…]“ Or with simple words: to feel good you need some one who fucks up. It is fascinating and scary how strictly some TV-stations align their program to with this principle.

In order to give everybody something to look down on, the level of these programs must be as low as it is. But this principle works on two levels. We consider ourselves to be superior to the people who actually are shown and to the people who take these programs seriously. I’m not saying that absolutely no one takes it seriously, but the vast majority of the audience is rather driven by this condescending voyeurism than by interest. Not the few people who think that this shit is real make it successful. It’s us. We are the problem. We are rotten to the core.


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Part II

Holy shit! Jim Humble is back. If he’s ever been away. I can’t believe this man still exist. With „exist“ I mean beeing active in what he does. Well if he uses his own medicine beeing alive is nearly a miracle. Miracle is keyword. If you don’t know him: this dude is famous for selling something called MMS(mineral miracle solution) which is basically chlorine bleach as medicine. And now he got even more creative and sells MMS2 which is the disinfectant used in very low concentrations to desinfect pool water. Note: what desinfects somethin basically kills everything.

I wrote about him once and I write about him again for on simple reason: this bloody seriously dangerous. The reason for this text is that he just had some sort of show here in Germany with over a thousand visitors. 

Also I find it seriously disturbing how people use double standarts when it comes to this topic. I totally understand and agree that there is need for independent research before new chamicals or drugs are sold. On the other hand, the exact same people who are even more sceptical about the drug industry than me, trust in MMS on the bases of the talks of one man and think it is a proof for something when he says that he healed some 70000 people with it.

Also these people are not only poisoning themselves but also their children and pets. Yes exactly. You understood. People giving chlorine bleach to their kids because they show signs of getting the sniffles. I really read comments from people doing this and, as you can tell I am quite upset about it. If there is only one person out there I or you can stop from using this it is worth a lot. So especially when comes to people who have alternitave believes and worldviews (which im totally cool with) warn them and tell them to warn there freinds about Jim Humble: This is the man who tricks people in poisoning their kids, because he can sell the poison expensively.

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