This blog is about everybody and anything that gets us angry, happy or laughing. Basically anything we cannot keep just in our stuffed brains.

Mostly we rant about politics, music, art and everyday life.


We’re autumn and man.

Man is one of the most intelligent and kind human being you could encounter. I met him in school, realizing he was the only person in town knowing what (punk) music can mean to a person. He quotes and speaks about Kant as if it was normal to every 20-something kid, plays Dark Souls far too much and will solve you’re mathematical problems in less than a second.

But the possibly most defining character trait is that he cares. He gets angry about politics, people’s behavior or helps you (no matter who you are) if you’re too drunk to find home.

So me (Autumn) is the other part.  Man would probably say that I’m the more creative part, but basically I just like to draw and DIY everything. Like every normal person I laugh about cat pictures and videos and like to ‚impose‘ my opinions about music, film or life on people.

(You see, if we both weren’t musically the most untalented kids, we’d definitely start a band)


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